At Chokas, we are dedicated to sourcing only the finest and most unique gemstones from around the world. Our collection pieces are crafted with rare and exquisite stones of incredible lustre, each one individually selected for its exceptional quality and beauty.

Our commitment to high-quality standards means that we are constantly searching for those special stones that will make our jewelry stand out from the rest. Whether they are reclaimed from deep within caves and mountains or found underneath the deep blue sea, each gemstone we use is completely one-of-a-kind, with its own unique shade and nuance.

We take great pride in the fact that every piece of fine jewelry from Chokas is perfectly unique, reflecting the individuality and personality of the wearer.


Tourmaline is a healing crystal that helps protect you against the negative energy and negative thoughts. Tourmaline helps enhance the positive thinking and creativity; it helps support relations and find joy in all situations.


Aquamarine has believed to connect the idea of openness and communication. Aquamarine is the stones of courage and helps the owner remains calm and overcome anxiety. Aquamarine also bring good luck and wisdom.


Moonstone helps activating the creativity and balance your emotions. Moonstone also helps protect you from negativities and release you from stress. Moonstone also bring a good fortune in love and wealth.


Apatite enhance the creativity and boost learning ability. Apatite helps the owner to remain calm and focus. Apatite is also mean unconditional love and acceptance from yourself and others.


Peridot helps increase strength and reduces anxiety. Peridot will help the owners remain calm and clear their minds. Peridot comes with the healing ability, also balancing your body and soul.


Amethyst is the stones of healing and calmness. Amethyst helps release stress and anxiety, also dissolves negativity, grief and sadness. Amethyst also helps you balancing you emotions and activating you spiritual awareness.