FAST IS THE KEY We work as Chokas team to service each client.

We will service you and make sure your email will be respond within 24 hours

or real time as possible.



Pricing: Our piece is selling by piece. Please allow us 48 hours or less

to send you back the quotation.
*Please note that the product details are subject to change



Silver Jewelry

Minimum order :  3,000 USD minimum order and 30 pcs per design

(mix in 3 colors gold, rose gold and rhodium) 3 rings size optional.

Gold 10K

Minimum order : 10,000 USD minimum order and 10 pcs per design

3 rings size optional.

Gold 14K , 18K

Minimum order :  10,000 USD minimum order and 5 pcs per design

2 rings size optional.

*please contact our sales team. We’re dedicated to providing great customer service



30 percent of the deposit is required to start the production  

70 percent of the balance is required before shipment




Custom design and Development Precess


Customized design for brands or private label:

We are specialized in working together as teamwork. With our more than 15 years experience in OEM and branding, we accept the entire format in design even scratch from your hand drawing. Designing and special technique is our key. We can definitely help with our design team. You can even choose from our existing line and put on your logo with extra laser cost. The mold charge is 80 USD-200 USD depending on the details and technique. If the order is more than 200 pcs, the mold will be waived.

Confirm the order and start the production

In order to start the production we require 30 percent deposit and 70 percent before shipment.

**Please note that there is no credit term at the moment and no exception.



4 weeks after the mold and design is confirmed,

*the production time may vary depending on the complexity of the product.


6-8 weeks (low season) , 8-10 weeks (high season)

• Design process/sketching development = 1 – 5 days
• Pricing = 1 – 3 days
• Sample orders = 3 – 5 weeks
• Bulk orders = 6 – 8 weeks
• Shipping = 3 days

Sampling process Fee


  1. A deposit of  1,500 USD is required for custom samples, which can be deducted from the order cost if the order is placed.
  2. If you prefer not to pay the deposit, you can confirm the order and receive one sample before bulk production.
  3. 10 samples from existing designs can be chosen for 1000 USD.
  4. The sample cost is non-refundable, regardless of whether an order is placed or not.


At our company, we strive to support designers and startups in their business ventures. Please note that the cost of our samples is different from that of the orders. This is because creating one sample requires more work and labor than producing a bulk order.


Please advise your account no for shipping. If you don’t have we will check with our carrier for the price. Please note our entire price is FOB.

Please also advise if you require CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FORM. The additional 30 USD will be applied to the invoice.