Sustainable brand

– For Our Planet
Recycled metal and eco friendly material are the key factor.
Silver recycled and Gold recycled are at your choice. Last year more than 100,000 kg of CO2 emissions have been avoided from our production part. We are sourcing and researching the new material everyday to provide the sustainable option to our client. To check our recycled material offer please click… Moreover, we are saying goodbye to the new zip lock plastic bag. In our factory we are using only recycled plastic bag with in our process in order to reduce the CO2 and supporting the sustainable world.

We make sure in our sustainable manufacturing technique and sourcing that will eco friendly to our planet. Our goal is to avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible. As we work towards it, we’re controlling emissions climate protection projects that prevent an equivalent amount of CO2 from entering the air.
We believe in green business and o waste factory. We are committed and have created policies, actions, and goals firmly through the factory.
We implemented a recycling program to sort our general waste, encourage recycling habits. We have waste management system in place to ensure the safe disposal of the chemicals used in our production process. Our water samples are also regularly sent to a third-party laboratory to confirm.
In house we emphasize on the waste for environment same as our product. We offer the recycled program for our customer as we are using recycled silver as optional. Same as others material we are developing our material regular please see updated material page. Using our resource and technology to take care the world as one of sustainable solution. ( pics of POP)


– For Our people; Fair wages and responsible manufacturing

Chokas team, are treated equal not interm of fair wage but action. We promote women at work and support their child in every household. We consider our people as our family equal Chokas Team as a whole. Responsible Manufacturing. Our jewellery is thoughtfully handcrafted and details. This all result was made from our people our family as Chokas Team, our value. All our workshops are Responsible Jewellery Council members and go through Intertek Workplace Conditions Assessment. Regular audits ensure fair wages and hours, employee rights, health and safety, and responsible corporate governance.

We value in our business partner as well as our integrity and work ethic of our factory. In terms of recruiting or retaining our people which we called Chokas Team.
We believe in our people can represent our company and our product. We are trying to build the strong relationship and sustainable society. We are sending our people to train monthly and have the story teach and tell clubhouse every Friday morning. This is to power up and educate our people to care each other’s better also up level their skills. This is to help the company and themselves in sustainable way. ( pics Monday teaching)
Chokas we believe in safety. Safety first to our people is the key. To all our team for epidemic we are the first factories to be vaccinated with Covid and with all of our help from the founder we all have the insurance to cover. We believe that if our people are safe our product will be safe. ( pics covid vaccinated

– For Our Society:

Giving back to society is our monthly routine. Not only we take care of our people but we also take care of our society. Monthly we have our team to send the essential items as requested to orphanage or elderly. We are proud to support many charities such as Ban Praporn orphanage, Rama hospital. ( pics) To the blind we have special project to create the piece to help them especially as seen on our blinding project in the collection page. (pics) Moreover, regularly provide the extra work like cord woven or stitching to the community nearby to help them in terms of extra salary.