Yes, we work with gold, silver and brass. Not stainless-steel or others

Yes, we have a wide range of quality stone please do not hesitate to ask with our sale team.

Depending on your requested, we could do from 0.25 micron up to 3 micron. The price is different depending on the design.

Yes of course, as it is plating process inside it is still silver if you would like to be sure we suggest doing gold which 9k or 14k is a good option.

Also depending on your exposure such as sun, temperature and humidity are the trigger point. We cannot guarantee the definite time as no one can.

Yes, as normal silver has to be tarnished over the time. Please see the silver take care tips.

6-8 weeks as normal. 8-10 weeks for the high season.

Yes we do and we have our design team to support.  The mold charge is applied. If the order more than 100 pcs each design the mold charges will be waived. The mold charge is range from 80 USD-200 USD

Yes, if that point we can afford to send you 3-4 pcs. To see the quality to prepare for the order.

Yes we do have some design please emails us to send the list.

30 pcs. Per design. For the rings you can choose 3 sizes 10 each size

Yes we can after the deposit of the order confirmed we can send you the sample.

Yes we have our in house PI quality we can send you to use and if you need a better quality we can support with additional cost.

Yes we can please send us the design to quote or you can ask for our assistance.

Within 7 days of receiving the products if any faulty items please send us the proof after we investigated if it is our fault we shall give you a return or credit note. If it is over 7 days the products are sold and any issues happened will be under our consideration.