Detail about gem STONE

The book also fully covers the optical features of gems – light and colour, luminescence, refraction and inclusions – and key information about the densities and chemical elements of each stone, with fascinating details on different cuts

Detail about Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a colorless synthetic gemstone which looks similar to the natural diamonds but have different chemical, quality and value. Mostly cubic zirconia is lacks natural imperfections because they are created in a laboratory.

Detail about Glass Stone

Glass stones are color glass which commonly used for jewelry product. Glass stones are human-made and colors of the glass stones sometimes mixed into the glass material while some colors are coated on the surface.

Detail about Synthetic Gemstones

Synthetic Gemstones are gemstones that created in laboratory which have chemical, optical, and physical characteristics same as natural stones.The most common synthetic gemstones are synthetic Ruby, Synthetic blue Sapphire and synthetic Quartz.