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Time to change

Creativity, Craftsmanship,

Personalized brand,

Sustainable manufacturer

A New way that makes design development process easier.

If you order with us, we can help…

Smart & Fair

Normally, in our industry the middleman mark up would be app.10x the factory cost. Here we can offer the original price which enable you too get the higher margin on average product. Our piece is handcrafted details with factory pricing.

We can make your brand different

creating and building your brand.

 At Chokas, we are factory that aims to drive your brands and business to a new level. We doing this by crafting the piece and providing the 1 stop service for jewelry manufacture from the production to marketing content as a whole spectrum. Taste and adhoc decision are important when it comes to jewelry manufacture. We know our clients’ goals and bottom lines and we will do everything in our power to achieve it. This is the relentless energy in our people and our works that we hope to translate to your jewelry piece. 

Sustainable brand

sustainable manufacturing techniques

recycled metal and eco friendly material

fair wages, thoughtful, sourcing,

Helping design process

experienced design team


Experienced design team
We believe not only in design skill but also in taste. Adhoc decision-making is very important when it comes to producing your piece outside of your area or expertise. We are well known for design point of view and perspective. Our design team are high experienced with more than 10 years and older.

We specialized in using the handcrafted technique and special texture. This is what our factory and our team are known for. Everyday we invest and strive for the new idea and technique in order to be the first and the high skilled factory when it comes to the special surface and special technique. This is to create the different from others and beneficial for your brand.

Conection Team Work 

Monitoring timeline and deliveries service

Helping design process by experienced design team

Monitoring timeline and deliveries service

Our timeline is quite fixed as our piece comes in with details and texture. We value our quality before anything. However, we have been open the timeframe for our customer to prepare in advance in order to avoid the high season demand.

Helping design process by experienced design team

Consulting is at your service. With our OEM experienced more than 10 years. Our team can support from the brainstorm process through the design. There is no additional cost at this point and we believe that we can be your partners and willing to work with you with full of heart.

Content service

pictures of model, pack shot

production material

Pics of model or pack shot

This is the new service we offer for our client as now social media and marketing playing the big role in our society. This is to safe time and cost of our client to reach their target audience. Pack shot with web standard, hand drawing sketch, jewelry on model are available at additional cost.

Production material

We are searching for the new material every day in order to be unique and not being just as jewelry. Our material shall have the story behind in order for our clients to easily create content to reach their target audience easier.Not only the content material but also function is also important. We here to make sure that every part of our piece are well performed and full of the story behind.